5 Very Good Reasons You Should Avoid DIY SEO

Since Google’s inception, three small letters have been haunting web strategies: SEO. Indeed, website optimization for search engines is a constant battle. Organic traffic is so important that spending keeps rising every year. That’s right, every year, the marketing budget allocated to search engine optimization gets bigger. In some cases, it gets to expensive that it makes sense to hire an in-house SEO expert instead of a consultant. However, most companies, especially SMBs or startups save more and gain more from dealing with a freelance SEO expert. Why? Because DIY SEO can cost you a lot more than you think. Here are 5 reasons not to be your own SEO expert:

1. A basic SEO strategy is not enough for effective web marketing

You may have a very good understanding of how SEO works. You know how to do a keyword search, you know that your web content must be original and well written. Except sometimes that doesn’t mean you’re going to end up on the first page of Google, despite all your efforts. Knowing something and doing it every day are two different things. Search Engine Optimization is a field where theory flies apart quite fast in the face of low rankings and low organic traffic. Oftentimes, experts hope that you will follow best practices so that they can help you take things to the next level and beat your competition. It is necessary to go beyond basic SEO optimization to gain new qualified leads and more relevant traffic.

2. Google Penalties: Easy to Trigger, Hard to Diagnose and Harder to Overcome

All it takes is a bad website redesign to cost you all your organic traffic. Your site may never get back its positions in search engines. It all depends on the problem. You may have been partially penalized, totally penalized or simply lost your positions because you do not have an SEO-friendly website. It is vital to know the SEO pitfalls you should avoid. That’s exactly why a knowledgeable SEO expert is important in your online business strategy.

Here are the most common SEO errors to avoid:

  • Duplicated content, stolen from another site
  • The stuffing of keywords in texts
  • Pages with no optimized content hierarchy
  • Lack of page redirection
  • Mobile pop-ups that are too big

A mistake can happen very easily and turn into weeks of trying to recover your lost traffic. Often, it costs much more to repair mistakes than to avoid them. That’s why it’s better to contact an SEO expert before a redesign or any major changes to your website. You can ask an SEO consultant to do an SEO audit of your site to get an idea of the work to be done, mistakes to avoid in the new version of the site or to get a picture of the situation before the changes. You can also use it to request a list of technical specifications and a detailed SEO content strategy to support you. For those with a more limited budget, you can also choose to call on the SEO expert when you have specific questions. This saves you a lot of time searching and validating online to ask an expert.

3. Save Time and Money With an SEO Expert

Even if you know the ins and outs of SEO, developing an effective SEO strategy takes a lot of hours and requires access to some paid tools that are quite expensive. This means that by doing DYI SEO, you are deliberately choosing to spend valuable time away from your company’s operations and growth rather than trusting an expert. You know very well that every time you’re not 100% dedicated to advancing the business, well, the competition gets ahead of you and gains market share. Investing in valuable SEO advice saves you time and money. It is an excellent investment because it allows you to focus on your priorities as a business leader.

4. SEO is a field that is changing very quickly

The most frightening thing about SEO is that everything changes every 2 weeks! Everything can change overnight. Something that has been a good practice for years can lead to a penalty overnight! This means that there is a lot of bad information going around on the web about good SEO practices. Since 2003, there have been more than 70 algorithmic changes at Google.
Moreover, these changes will not slow down any time soon, especially when we see the advances in machine learning and vocal search. As the Web begins to migrate to a resolutely mobile market, you can expect more and more frequent changes.

I gave a conference some time ago about all the practices and myths in technical SEO

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SEO Requires Various Skill Sets

SEO seems easy for some people. However, not everything is that simple. Just because it is a practice that aims to bring “organic” or “natural” traffic does not mean that the effort is not expensive (both in time and money). Here are the main axes to set up for a successful SEO campaign:

  • On-site optimization
  • Optimization external to the site
  • Markup tags
  • Keywords & research intent
  • Content optimization
  • Image optimization
  • Mobile SEO Optimization
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Voice SEO Optimization

The list is starting to get intimidating. That’s a lot to assimilate for most people at once. Normal, it is not their basic speciality… Natural SEO is much more than just a few keywords here and there to achieve a high click rate. A good SEO requires constant care and attention to continuously optimize, repair, create many things on a website.

In Conclusion, if You Are Not an Expert, Hire an SEO Expert

If you are a small or medium-sized company, it is not possible to be able to make your own SEO yourself. It is not a money saving that is viable in the medium or long term. Trusting an SEO expert is beneficial in many ways when you want to save time, money and make sure you attract as much traffic as possible.

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