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You've taught me so much and really helped me grow my skills. Pressbooks is in a much better place because of your contributions, and I tell my executives that all the time.
- Leigh Kinch-Pedrosa, Marketing Director at Pressbooks

Actionable SEO trainings

SEO is more important than ever before

Knowing where to start

A lot of people are looking for help with their SEO strategy, but they don't know how to go about it. It's time-consuming to do extensive online research on how to get started, and some people may not have the budget for an SEO consultant.

Tailored courses that help YOU

We created SEO courses are tailored to provide the information you need without spending hours on end researching it on your own. We are here to answer your questions and walk you through the whole process.

Myriam Jessier Thumbs up
Myriam Jessier Thumbs up
Optimizing SEO for developers

Technical SEO training

Success in SEO isn’t checking the boxes

With our expert courses and corporate training, we help developer teams learn how to handle and prioritize SEO requests. We teach developers how to embrace requirements like Core Web Vitals, rendering that is bot friendly and more. We have helped local web agencies and corporate companies train their teams.

Modern JS Frameworks + SEO

Spending hours reading outdated Stack Overflow content is not the way to learn how to fix React, Angular or Vue.js issues. We are here to streamline the process, provide proper insights and best practices and technical specifications that make sense.

Clear & Concise Courses

A Shopify SEO Blueprint for online store owners

It’s not all keywords and blogging

We have spent a decade working with e-commerce brands big and small testing, refining and implementing countless SEO strategies, tactics and processes. Hire someone who demonstrates adaptability and creativity. They’ll be able to handle anything that comes their way.

Shopify SEO is about search intent, page experience and smart promotion that aligns with your objectives and your customers. Sometimes, it’s also knowing what to watch out for when it comes to technical optimization. 

If you are serious about growing your brand thanks to free Google traffic, we have a step-by-step process you can follow. 

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Myriam Jessier Thumbs up
Adaptability & creativity to handle algorithms

Create engaging content for bots & humans

Understand what content works for SEO

If you struggle with marketing, especially in terms of how to create engaging content, this course is for you.  Content is a key element that determines how successful your SEO campaign will be. 

Google introduces new algorithms almost every month. Learn how to streamline your content strategy while embracing the latest changes. For over 10 years now, we've been helping companies and copywriters facing this exact scenario. 

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Meet your trainers

Adynamicduo of SEO experts.

We train agencies, marketing experts and businesses. We look forward to training you! Our approach is inspired by Dolly Parton, who famously said: "I don't like to give advice. I like to give people information because everyone's life is different and everyone's journey is different."

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