Our Best SEO Content Tips for Copywriting: How to ahead in the rankings

Little tips to help you make good SEO content
  1. Writing the wrong kind of content, even if you have the right keywords, won't get you far. Go lurk the Google results to see what type of content ranks.
  2. Do you want to remove content because of "SEO"? Don't. Poor quality content should be eliminated. However, I see too many people deleting content because they think it will help SEO...and it doesn't. 
  3. Don't obsess over keyword density to the point of sacrificing content quality. As a general rule, your long tail keywords should be in the same sentence, but they don't have to be written as they are: feel free to adapt your long tail keyword to the structure of your sentence. Source.
  4. "Writing with SEO in mind isn't just a marketing tactic — it's an essential way to provide information to curious people who are (or aren't) looking to buy something right now." Source
  5. The homepage should tell you what the site is, what it is for, and why I should be here and not on another site. 
  6. Why are we spending so much time discussing EAT when we could be creating great content?
  7. “If you are "tired of having to explain the same thing 100 times" on the Internet, write an article that clearly explains your point of view at length! Then in the future, you and others who view the matter the same way, can just continue to link to this article. Source 
  8. Quality content does not follow a basic SEO checklist. Writing quality content is no small feat.
  9. If you don't have any promotional efforts in place, the content will often struggle to gain a social mention, let alone a quality backlink. 
  10. People are more likely to share your content if they feel like it will make them look smart. People often share content on social media based on the headline alone. Be sure to keep these things in mind when creating an Open Graph title, meta title, or any other type of title.
  11. The semantic cluster method works really well in SEO. 
  12. Google Search Console is the best tool for content optimization. Third-party tools are great, but GSC data provides great insight into your existing content...and it's FREE!
  13. Take advantage of the many types of formats available to you. Your content can take the form of an infographic, checklist, comprehensive guide, tutorial, etc.
  14. Make an effort with readability. Easy-to-read content is well-structured, contains short, simple sentences and words that are familiar to the majority of people who surf the web.
  15. One of the most effective SEO strategies is to create content for “alternative” and “versus” queries. Here are some makeup examples:
  • The best makeup alternatives for a cult product
  • The best makeup alternatives for a sold out cult product.
  • Alternatives to drugstore products.

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