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Looking to Invest in Google Ads Campaigns ?

While organic traffic is an excellent marketing channel, getting results from SEO takes time. If you must be on the first page of Google for a predetermined time to support your marketing campaign efforts, Google Ads and Bing Ads are a great. Paid campaigns are also great for brand protection. Stop pesky competitor ads from stealing your brand visibility! We can help you set up ad campaigns.

Augustin and Myriam are certified Google Ads for Search, Display and more. Every year, they renew their certifications and always stay up to date regarding the new features the platform is offering.

If Google Ads isn't working for you, we can help you improve your return on investment by re engaging your website's visitors who did not convert and targeting the persons who match your buyer profile. Get more results with a few additional investments.

During the past few years, we worked with several clients taking part into the Google Ad Grants program. This type of accounts require a lot of optimizations and constant monitoring. We are specialized in this type of tasks.


Improve your visibility on Google and its advertising network

First things first, if you don’t have a Google Ads account, we can take care of the setup from A to Z. We make it a point to inform our clients of data processing policies and account access security. The whole point is to make sure you never have problems accessing your account and never have trouble with data. We focus on optimizing and getting results, you remain free. This means that we will never ever charge a fee based on your media budget. Our quality of work doesn’t depend on how big your budget is.

Before starting advertising on Google, we need to choose Key Performance Indicators (KPI) which will allow us to optimize our efforts – and to track our progress. We then create the campaigns and set them up, add the keywords, the ad copies and more. When it comes to Google Shopping, this process is more complex and requires product feeds and a Google Merchant Center account.

Following the Google Ads campaigns creation, it is paramount to keep optimizing your advertising efforts for at least two months to make sure we are getting the most out of the platform. A few adjustments are necessary – add negative keywords, adjust the ad copies and more.


Get the Most Out of Your Ads

If you already have a Google Ads account, with campaigns running, but that you’re not sure how good is your current setup, you need an audit. This work aims at analyzing every detail of the account in order to find ways to optimize it and develop new strategies to get more results.

A Google Ads audit allow us to check that all the good practices are in effect and that your budget is put into good use. We review the keywords you bid on – for Search Network campaigns – and the ad copies – text, image, videos… – you use, but also the conversions you are optimizing you account with. Let’s not forget the audiences, the negative keywords, the bidding strategies, the geo-targeting, the extensions and all the other details we have to review to get you a better ROI.

This deep dive analysis aims at isolate all the optimizations we can plan on applying to your Google Ads campaigns. We want to give you clear insights on how to get better results.

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Optimize Your Ad Spend

Whether it is following the implementation of a new Google Ads account, an audit or even for campaigns that have been running for months or even years, it is important to perform a regular analysis of account performance and make the necessary optimizations. Again, it is not enough to create campaigns. Following the launch of the latter, it is even essential to keep an eye on the performance and proper functioning of the account, otherwise you risk wasting money.

The optimization of your account can be ad hoc (following an audit, by implementing the recommendations), over a very specific period (a few months following the launch of the account) or on a recurring basis (maintenance, every month). It all depends on your needs and the capabilities of your teams. However, this analytical work is important to maximize your investments and ensure that your efforts are on the right track.


Use Your PPC Ads Along the Customer Path to Purchase

Google Ads – and the other PPC platforms – is especially powerful if it is used in a global visibility strategy. SEA (Search Engine Advertising) can complement SEO. To get the best online visibility, it is always best to dominate both natural and paid results on Google. To do so, your Web marketing strategy must integrate SEO and SEA together. This is what we do every day!

We help you build your strategy with SEA as one of the tools to boost your results, together with SEO – after all, SEO + SEA = SEM -, but also other marketing channels and sources such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and more.


Retarget Visitors Along Their Customer Journey

Google Ads offers a very powerful way to use audiences. They allow you to re-engage the users or clients who didn’t complete all the actions you wanted them to, target similar people (based on your current clientele, for instance), show ads to persons who showed some interests which match your personas, and more.

By using audiences, you maximize your investments, create tailored campaigns and ads specifically created for your personas and more. With those, you can also use your budget for very specific goals such as re-engage users who dropped their cart.

Does this sound brilliant but…just not in Google Ads? If so, we can build your audience strategies in Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and any other advertising platform that has its own tracking pixel.


Increase Your Visibility and ROI, Not Your Budget

Retarget the persons who went on your website but didn’t convert is an easy way to do CRO (conversion rate optimization) and to maximize your investments. This way, you focus on a qualified audience and pay less for each click. It is even possible to develop very detailed remarketing strategies which take full advantage of this approach. For instance, we can re-engage only the people who added a product to their cart or viewed a product page.

If your website is e-commerce, we can even help you setting up dynamic remarketing campaigns. This type of campaigns requires product feeds and some specific pixels which communicate with the advertising platforms you want to use in order to give details regarding your visitors’ behavior. So, let’s be frank, it is way more work than a simple remarketing campaign. But they can bring good results. Their goal? Show to your visitors the products they saw on your website – but didn’t buy – in order to push them to finish their order. It is a powerful way to re-engage users based on what they were interested in on your website.

Let’s not forget Google Shopping ad campaigns and Carousel Ads in Facebook Ads. 

Google Shopping is an exceptional tool for e-commerce sites. You get to show your products at the top of Google’s results pages. This is a great way to show up in critical moments such as the comparison shopping or the discovery phases.


Advertise Your Products on Services on Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn and More

Go beyond Google Ads by branching out on LinkedIn, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Twitter Ads and more! We have experience working with all of the platforms listed.

We have experience with accounts big and small. We can help you set up the basics, fix your existing campaign or take it to the next level with a proper PPC strategy.


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