Google Ads tips for 2022

We provide PPC tips to help you improve landing pages, ad copy and more to ensure your Google Ads Campaigns perform. Tried and tested advice.

Google Ads can be very daunting to new advertisers. This video from Greg Gifford inspired us to share some quick PPC tips. 

The #1 Tip for Google Ads Campaign Managers

Good news: your competition is lazy: only 10% of advertisers optimize their Google Ads accounts each week. Audit and optimize your account periodically. Get a checklist for weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance. 

Landing Page PPC Advice

  • Create a testimonials page, call it “Results”, and include testimonials in a story-style (rather than review-style). Tip from Stephan Spencer, Co-author The Art of SEO
  • Optimize landing pages for skimmers. Direct visitors to elements you want them to pay attention to by highlighting them. These bits should be ordered in a way that tells a story.
  • If you are advertising products: include all the necessary information about your product, trying to be as authoritative as you can.
  • PPC landing pages are part of your website. Do not treat PPC landing pages as separate entities. Give them context in relation to the rest of the website. Add internal links to the landing page as well as navigation, related blog articles, etc. This helps Google understand the context of your page. Tip by Mordi Oberstein from Semrush. 
  • Use the lead form extension in Google Ads since it pre-fills the form for the user (thereby reducing the amount of fake info). 60% of consumers provide fake form information. Review your qualifying questions to make sure your leads are useful if you do not rely on the lead form extension.  

How to Write Great PPC Ads

Google and Microsoft have told us marketers time and time again: “Leave it up to us to figure out where to place your ads.” What does that leave you with to focus on? The creative part, that is to say: the ads. Search ads are assets-based: they have several headlines, several descriptions, and extensions. It can be easy for these assets to become repetitive and impact your performance negatively. People hate ads. 96% of consumers don’t trust ads so here’s how to make them better:

Create efficient, not clever ads: Efficient > Clever ads

When creating responsive search ads (RSAs), you can upload up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions. This helps you save time and money because Google runs a test to understand which combination works best to reach more potential customers. 

  • Ensure assets are extremely different from each other. Make sure that the different creative assets of your ads are not duplicated content. 
  • Create punchy copy, leverage power words, and test as many variations as possible. Here’s why: 94% of people skip search ads and go straight to organic results.
  • Use inclusive language in your ads. Online ads are the least-diverse media type. 54% of people don’t feel culturally represented in online ads. If you use Display ads, Shopping ads or YouTube ads, represent different ethnicities and genders in your creatives, including those with disabilities.

Assorted Google Ads Advice

The Internet Advertising Bureau's (IAB) report provides useful insights on how to create good PPC ads :

  • Think about how you can create ads that help people get to the "aha" moment faster.
  • If you're looking for inspiration, check out TikTok videos where they show you how to do something in less than 15 seconds. Could you do that with your product?
  • Acknowledge skepticism: make your ads more trustworthy by toning down the crazy good claims. Include as many credibility elements as you can: social proof, testimonials, demonstrations, guarantees and specifics.
  • 67% of people say that once a brand loses its trust, there’s no gaining it back. Be consistent with your brand value. 

Youtube Ad Tip

For marketers running YouTube Ads, run TrueView for action ads. You only pay when the user takes the action you want. Tip from Damon Gochneaur, Aspiro agency. 


Hope these tips were useful! If you would like to share some of your advice, feel free to do so. Any good advice provided will most likely be included in this article.

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