Online advertising tips for local business owners

Tips to advertise your business online to local customers without a big budget.

Online advertising tips for local business owners

How do you advertise a small local business locally?

This article aims to show you how you can target local customers with Google Ads and Facebook ads. We discuss local marketing strategies to help you reach your target audience with a limited budget. 

Advertising locally online with Google Ads 

Business cards and direct mail advertising are great ways to reach potential customers but you can target prospective customers who are looking for your services in search engines much more effectively. To start hyperlocal marketing in Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), make sure your geolocation settings are configured correctly. Search engine marketing ads allow you to target an exact location, including individual neighborhoods, zip codes or metropolitan areas. 

You can tackle localized keywords (with a local identifier, such as a neighborhood, a street, a city ...) and / or generic searches in well-defined departments. Mixing the two approaches can sometimes help get the best results.

Note that Google Ads is an option of choice when your organic referencing (SEO) leaves something to be desired or if you want to develop certain strategic angles for which your organic positions are not yet good enough. Google Ads can also be very useful in protecting very important topics, like your brand. Let's not forget that its ads appear before any other content and may allow competitors to blow your hair to the post.

How to use Facebook ads for local businesses

You can use location-based targeting in your Facebook campaigns (right down to the nearest zip code). This allows you to have neighborhood marketing. Once you specify your radius targeting, you have to determine the type of people that should see your ads. Here's a tip: customer acquisition does not work if your audience is too small. If your audience is too small, this means that the delivery of your ads will be restricted. Here are the Facebook Business options for your campaigns: 

Everyone in this exact location

This option allows you to target every eligible Facebook user within the specified targeting radius, including people who update their status there as well as people that Facebook determines. as being within the specified radius based on the device's location data.

People Who Live in a Specific Location 

This setting is ideal for small businesses that hope to attract new customers and repeat customers who live in a specified location. In addition to the information provided by Facebook users on their profile, this option also includes people who have been determined to live in a specific area based on other data, including the location of the device.

People who recently visited a location 

This option includes any eligible Facebook user whose last visited location was in the specified target area. This includes people who live in the specified area as well as visitors, tourists and other non-residents.     

People who travel to and are found there

This option targets all eligible Facebook users in the specified area who are at least 125 miles from their city or place of residence according to their Facebook profile data. . 

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