How do I download keywords from Google Search Console?

You can download your website's keywords for free from the Google Search Console. Here's a tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

You must have installed the Google Search Console to see your keywords. Once you have access, you have to look at what you are ranking on at the moment, especially the keywords on the second page or in position 8 to 10. Often, it is enough to include this keyword in your meta title tag. to go from page # 2 to page # 1.


How to export all your keywords?

Les outils et les rapports de la Search Console vous permettent de mesurer les performances et le trafic de recherche de votre site, d'en résoudre les problèmes et d'en optimiser le classement dans les résultats de recherche.

Search Console tools and reports help you measure your site's search performance and traffic, troubleshoot problems, and improve search rankings.

You must sign in to Google Search Console

If you do not have access to your Google Search Console account, you can contact us and we will take care of it for you. It is one of the services that we offer. In the meantime, to check if you have access to it, it is by clicking on the button below 👇

I want to access my account

If you have several websites in your Google Search Console account, you must select the correct one.

We have access to several accounts


In the menu, click on “Performances”

In some cases, we don't see “Performances”, we see “Search results” and “Discover”. You must select “Search results” in this case.

Sometimes it may look like the illustration on the right or with Google Discover as on the left.


You will have access to a data table.


Next step, you have to extend the dates over 16 months

Here is how to proceed: you have to go to the top, to the left, above the data table and click on the “Date” button.

By default, the Google Search Console shows data for the last 3 months.

What you are now seeing are all the keywords that were used to reach your site via Google search. The higher the number of “impressions” the keyword, the more popular it is. If you have a lot of impressions but not a lot of clicks, now is the time to optimize.

Bonus, if you want to export your CTR or your average position, just click on the white tiles in the table before exporting. This will include this data in the Excel file. You can choose either Google Sheets format or Excel format. We do not recommend the CSV format if it is to work on your keyword strategy (it's a more annoying format, that's all).


Export your keywords like the pros

The first tip: export your keywords by type of content. If you have images or videos on your website, you can see the keywords that are bringing traffic for those specific types of content. This improves the ALT attributes of images for example.

You can also export keywords by country, which allows you to better optimize your content. You must click “New” to choose the “Country” option. You can also choose to optimize your content for mobile by selecting the type of device.

Here are all the search types available in thetool

Tip: see the data in “Appearance in Search Results”.

The next step: do the keyword analysis and determine which ones are important to your website. You can then take the opportunity to optimize your content with these words.

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