How to promote your site on Pinterest

Pinterest marketing guide

Generating traffic on your blog can be a tricky or sometimes daunting business. You need to find quality content, promote it aggressively and perhaps hope to see your traffic increase. In short, it sometimes gives the impression that you spend a lot of time doing marketing rather than keeping a blog! That’s why we’re talking to you about Pinterest today. It is one of the best social platforms to promote your content without spending a lot of time there. In one hour a week, you can automate some of the tasks related to promoting your content while increasing your traffic. Here are 3 easy tips to help you get started: 

Switch to a Pinterest Pro Account

It’s very easy to do, and it’s free! Simply go to your account settings and click on “switch to professional account”. This account is similar to Instagram’s business account. Once you switch from one account to another, you will be able to access the analysis of your account. This is where you can see which messages are the most popular and which are the most retouched.

Having a corporate account for your blog is important because it is a great way to understand your readers. You can analyze when they pin during the day, which pins are really popular with them and which ones are not. By studying the data, you can use this tool to refine your blog and focus on your target audience.

Participate in Pinterest Groups in Your Niche

When you search in Pinterest, there is a button at the top of the page that says ‘boards’. This is where the group’s paintings are located. Look for a topic in your niche and start posting your blogs on these forums. The group panels on Pinterest are great because you can ask to join groups that already have a few thousand followers. Once you are accepted, you can post your pins on your blog and all group members can see your pins. 

In a way, it’s like a Pinterest hack – you have access to someone else’s forum with many followers who already have an interest in your specific niche.

Note: Some group charts are more difficult to discuss than others, and if you don’t hear anything or are not accepted, don’t give up! This happens, but once you enter a group with a large number of followers, you will have so much more potential for traffic growth.

Optimize Your Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is above all the best visual search engine in the world. But there are not only images in life. It is very important to remember to add keywords to photos and in your profile when describing your website. 

There are quite a few comments online about the fact that Pinterest members who are active on a regular basis are noticed by the platform. Indeed, if you take care of your account, Pinterest will start placing your pins higher and higher in the results offered to users. 

Interesting point on my side: I tried to make a pine tree using an old advertisement from 1850. The content was about dogs but Pinterest preferred to show me other old advertising posters rather than realize that I had selected the image because there was a dog in it. Conclusion: Sometimes it is good to have images or photos that are in the same theme or that are familiar with what is being done in your field. This will help the Pinterest search engine that analyzes the components of images to determine their relationship to other images. 

Do you have any tips or Pinterest tools to recommend?