Google Analytics Glossary

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Key Metrics

Source definition in Google Analytics

The origin of the users (related to the support):,, etc.

Definition of support in Google Analytics

The medium identifies the type of traffic source (organic, paid, social, etc.).

What is a user in Google Analytics in Google Analytics?

A user that is associated with a cookie. It can perform multiple sessions and trigger multiple page views.

Defining sessions in Google Analytics

A session is a slice of a user’s navigation that may include several page views. By default, it lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.

Why do I see (not set) in Google Analytics?

This happens when a selected dimension does not have sufficient data.

This may be due to a configuration problem.

The bounce rate in Google Analytics

The proportion of visitors having seen only one page. This indicator provides an indication of user engagement.

New vs. known users in Google Analytics

New users are those who have never visited the site before. They are distinguished from those known on the basis of this criterion.

Definition of a page view in Google Analytics

A page view is triggered when a user visits the web page of a website. It composes a session.

What is the average session time in Google Analytics?

How many seconds a session lasts on average. This is also an indicator of commitment.

Definition of reports in Google Analytics

The campaign report in Google Analytics
The Campaign Report aggregates data about Google Ads campaigns or all marketing campaigns that have a UTM.

Events in Google Analytics

An event is triggered when a user performs an action or interaction that you want to track. Events are listed in an event report in the “Behavior” section within the tool. You have to set up the events yourself, this is not a basic functionality.

Objectives in Google Analytics

Objectives are the proof of success for a company (purchase, registration, etc.). Objectives must be set up for each view within the tool. You can see the objectives in reports within the tool but also as a column through other Google Analytics reports.

Google Ads in Google Analytics

Data from this advertising service can be shared directly in Google Analytics.

Search Console in Google Analytics

This tool provides statistics about the performance of a site on Google – its positioning, for example.

Demographics in Google Analytics

This information about the age, gender and interests of the users of a site is provided by Google.

Functionalities of Google Analytics

Site search in Google Analytics

The statistics relating to the use of the internal search engine indicate in particular which terms users use.

Exclusion of bots in Google Analytics

The “Exclude all calls from known robots” feature helps to combat spam at the view level.

What is a filter in Google Analytics?

Each view can have filters to include, exclude or modify the data that comes in. You can choose to include specific things. The include option is often used when you only want to see the data for a specific section of the site (sub-domain or sub-section). You can also choose to exclude specific things such as traffic coming from certain IPs (office, agency, etc.).