How to Setup GA4

Events & Conversions

Big Query + GA4

The difference with GA4 is the measurement model: it's based on events and parameters.




GA 4 changes things

AI Insights by GA

Insights Analytics Intelligence will analyze your data for you and bring up various insights when major changes or opportunities arise.

Predictive Analysis

GA 4 automatically enriches your data by bringing ML expertise to your dataset to predict the future behavior of your visitors and customers.

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Learn how to setup GA4 like a pro

Whatever is your level

You can learn quickly and efficiently how to set up your Google Analytics 4 account to collect proper data.

Get help to figure things out

Map out your UA tracking to your GA4 events to help your mgiration. GA4 is not a carbon copy, not all dimensions and metrics have the same event name and event parameter.

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Learn how to use Google Analytics 4

Start with the best practices

Get to know better Google Analytics, know which reports to use, which metrics to look at, how to use its features. No more confusion and fear!

Learn the new metrics

Bounce rate is gone, engagement metrics are in! Learn what this means and how to adjust your data analysis.


Set up Events and Custom Parameters

Events & Conversions in GA4

Audit events and conversion setup in your old GA account or plan new ones if you are starting from scratch. Identify what you would like to edit, add, remove.

Figure out Events

Events in GA4 are different from Universal Analytics. You need to plan what you want to track and set up custom parameters to collect data you need. But fear not! There's a lot that can be done directly in the interface, without requiring the help of a developer.

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GET technical with ga4 thanks to gtm

Google Tag Manager  training

Learn the skills you need

From setting up GA4 with Google Tag Manager to creating events, we will demystify what you need to trust your data in GA4.

Get operational quickly

GTM is a great tool to master in order to tag your website for your day-to-day needs. Build events for Facebook or LinkedIn Ads, track new interactions in GA4!

Meet the teachers

We arecertifiedGoogle Analytics trainers.

Our team has been using Google Analytics for more than a decade and we have been training agencies and students for years.

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Learn how to use Google Analytics

Get comfortable with Google Analytics

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