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Technical Marketing Services: SEO and beyond

Organic traffic is very often one of the most important online marketing channels. The problem is: how do you get started? What do you optimize? That’s where we come in!


Search Engine Optimization Matters Because:

  • It helps you be visible where potential customers are looking for you.
  • It helps detect the obstacles that keep your website from ranking in Google and other search engines. 
  • It helps you control the user’s experience along the customer path to purchase, before they even reach your website. 

More than 200 criteria are taken into account by Google in order to decide what contents show up in result pages. SEO is complex and requires knowledge and experience to avoid losing traffic to your website. 

SEO is Based on 3 Pillars

  • Code or technical SEO
  • Content
  • Backlinks – links that point to your website from other websites

Here's Why You Should Optimize Your SEO With Our Help


Our SEO and SXO strategies are built to be readily actionable by our clients. We provide all the necessary insights, documentation, processes to enable our clients to take charge if they to be fully independent.


We have experience with many e-commerce platforms: Shopify, Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, Sitecore and more. We can help you implement SEO tactics to boost your online profits.


We operate as White Hat SEO experts when it comes to the technical, content and linkbuilding aspects of search engine marketing. It helps keep our clients penalty free.

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How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost?

An SEO audit can take between 5 hours and 150 hours. It all depends on the size of the site, the degree of detail required and depth of analysis. Always get a detailed estimate to understand exactly what type of SEO audit you are buying.


Update Your Website

SEO audits are a key deliverable in our SEO service package. It is essential for those who want to know exactly what they should fix to improve their search engine traffic.

SEO audits are particularly useful if you want to allocate specific resources and decide where your money should go to get the most return on investment. We will be happy to advise you so that our analysis can precisely meet your needs.

An SEO Audit Can Vary Greatly Depending on the Needs:

  • Technical audit
  • Content audit
  • Backlink audit 
  • Visibility audit (includes SERP ranking)
  • Local SEO audit
  • Competitive benchmark


Write Content That is Loved By Search Engine Bots and Humans Alike

To get any traction online, it’s often important to improve your search engine traffic. Content marketing should integrate some SEO elements to ensure that your visibility is optimal.

Turn your content into an SEO powerhouse with us. Content is the best tool to improve the positioning of your site and increase your online visibility. SEO-optimized content is more than just using keywords.

Search engine optimization helps you discover, prioritize and align with your customers’ search intents and needs. We can advise you and help establish content briefs that help you rank on Google and beyond. 

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Making Sure You Rank on Google

A fast, eye-catching website with attractive and useful content is predisposed to perform well on search engine results pages (SERPs). But if it’s not easy for the bot to read the code, it will struggle and leave with incomplete data.

A complete SEO analysis is essential to fully identify and create a clear roadmap to fix indexation issues. We know that real technical search engine optimization agencies are hard to find. That’s why we’re here to help!


Leave the Competition in the Dust

It is important to understand that SEO is not just about optimizing a website. It is a continuous fight against competitors and a regular effort to meet the requirements of Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Yandex and the other search engines of this world.

Competitive benchmarks are a great way to:

  • Spy on the competition and see what they rank for in Google.
  • Find out who your real competition is online. Most often, our clients think of their historical competitors and not the ones that show up first in Google.
  • Online competitors often differ from a company’s strategic and traditional competitors and as such, their online strategies are very different. Let’s reverse engineer their SEO strategy and help you do better.

Our SEO toolkit and methods allow us to deliver in-depth insights that you wouldn’t be able to get by checking your Google Analytics data alone. If you’ve ever tried to do SEO without the proper tools or signed up for a tool like Moz and couldn’t figure out what it all said, this deliverable is absolutely worth your time!



Use the Right Words to Talk About the Right Things

To position yourself and attract traffic on terms relevant to your business, your content must contain the right keywords. To do this, a keyword analysis is the right approach to figure what words should be on the page.

Keyword strategies are often difficult to use because it’s hard to know what word should end up where and why. The missing context is the user’s search intent. We provide you with more than keywords: we seek out the themes, the related contents, angles, words and content structures that will help your copy.

Depending on your goals, our work can focus on specific customer segments or to optimize your overall content marketing funnel strategies.


Google My Business & Local SEO

For years now, search results offered by Google (and other search engines) have focused on location, location, location. It’s no longer about being number #1 but all about being number #1 in your area of service. We help you figure out how to do just that online.

We offer strategic advice, help you set up and maintain your Google My Business profile and provide you with proper local SEO tactics. 



Optimizing the Search Experience for Your Customers

A good SEO strategy is one that takes into consideration all the factors that can impact a site’s performance. Being number #1 on Google isn’t enough anymore. You really must optimize the search experience altogether! This involves analytics, UX and more.

SXO or search experience optimization follows this evoluation. Working in SEO with a UX mindset (and principles)  is a winning approach because search engines really try to provide users with the best results for them. It’s all about the UX folks! It’s just that as SEOs we do this differently since we do not control the website itself, simply our results.

Search experience optimization is like conversion rate optimization but applied to search engine results pages. Getting the user to click is the aim of the game!


Establishing a Roadmap to Grow Your Organic Traffic

There are 200+ factors to rank when it comes to SEO. These factors are constantly evolving. A well-crafted SEO strategy can make all the difference for your website. However, it’s often something that requires an expertise many website owners do not have. That’s where we come in!

Our strategic insights and in-depth analysis can help you optimize where it matters. We will help you establish a clear, realistic and implementable SEO roadmap.



Learn SEO Your Way

Stay up-to-date with all the latest changes in SEO. Learn the right things at the right time without spending hours searching for it online. That’s pretty much it! We offer search engine optimization training for developers who want to learn the code side. We also offer SEO workshops tailored to bloggers, marketers or copy writers.


We Help Your Grow Your Online Traffic and Revenue

To ensure a long term visibility and grow your organic traffic, SEO should be a continuous process. This is why our support and follow-up mandates are so valuable if you can’t maintain things on your own.

So what does ongoing SEO look like with us? That depends on your objectives but here are some of the most common things we do for our clients:

  • ranking monitoring
  • regular audits
  • fixing errors
  • writing new content
  • analyzing opportunities
  • optimizing existing content
  • gaining new links

We also offer support hours for specialized clients. If you need to bounce your ideas around, fix issues you can’t handle or must ask a specialist a question, we are here for you marketers!


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