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Whether your e-commerce website is new or old, the stakes are the same: preserving the online presence already acquired and acquiring more visibility and traffic. Faced with competition, Google’s algorithmic changes, market evolutions, new features offered by advertising platforms… you must always develop and evolve your web marketing efforts.

Our services to help you plan and improve your marketing strategies are extensive. We support you or create your multi-channel strategies. We make sure that your new website uses the best (up-to-date) SEO practices. We develop ways to optimize your conversion rate optimization (CRO). We help you develop your content for your target audiences. We also allow you to set up or review your performance measurement plan and its implementation… We also offer PPC-oriented services for the paid acquisition of traffic or the retention / re-engagement of your customers. And much more!

Myriam and Augustin have both been Google Analytics certified for years. They renew their certification every 18 months. They also stay up to date with all the analytics developments and best practices.

We helped many clients setting up, optimize or debug their e-commerce tracking on many ecommerce platforms such as Woocommerce, Magenty and Shopify. We have audited hundreds of Shopify websites.

We have both implemented proven SEO strategies specifically for Shopify websites. We know what's worked for other clients and what hasn't. Let's set your SEO roadmap together!


Get More Traffic to Your Shopify Store While Maximizing Your Average Order Value

To be efficient, your traffic acquisition efforts, your clients retention strategies and your website optimizations must be based on a global e-commerce strategy which includes short, medium and long term tactics. It must be omni-channel, meaning it must make all the marketing channels (SEO, SEA, PPC, Social platforms, newsletters, affiliate…) work together.

We help you create this strategy for your e-commerce website with your business goals as a target. We create tactics to make it happen, and we can even help you make your existing strategy better.


Tailored Search Engine Optimization for Online Stores

If you are launching a new e-commerce website, you must make sure it is using the best and up to date SEO / SXO practices, but also that it allows you to track its performances efficiently and advertise your offer the best way possible. All this requires a lot of planification – code optimization, plugin installation and setup, optimized content creation, and many more other aspects.

We work with all the teams involved (UX, developers, designers, strategists, marketing managers…) in your website development. Our goal: make sure that our marketing plans are perfectly taken into consideration and that your future website is going to be perfectly operational when launched.

Once again, our services are modular and perfectly customization. They will precisely match your needs and expectations.

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Hire the Best Team of Shopify Experts For You

The organic traffic usually gathers more than 60 % of a website overall traffic – be it e-commerce or not. This is the main reason why you need to include SEO in your global strategy.

SEO is impacted by more than 200 factors. Your website’s content, backlinks and code all have a huge impact on its rankings. It is thus very important to think about all the small details paramount to your website launch, or its optimization.

We will provide you with many advices and guidelines to optimize your content, as well as technical specifications to make sure your website is going to be performing efficiently. We will make sure your texts are optimized for both head and long tail keywords. We will also help you with your redirection plan, and many more details which will have a huge impact!


Increase your conversion rate

CRO (conversion rate optimization) aims at optimize a website to make its conversion rate better. For e-commerce websites, it is a key practice, since it can drive many more sales.

Conversion rate optimization can take many forms : we can make UX (user experience) enhancements, but also improve a website content, its technical performances, and way more. In some cases, it can also include A/B or multivariate tests, or even some specific analytics measurements (heatmaps, custom dimensions, and more) to test some specific hypothesis or some issues.

With CRO, we help you improve the customer journey you are offering, but also the amount of items customers are buying. We also allow you to re-engage users which didn’t complete their transaction. This way, we help you make your website better, all this using data and customers’ feedback.


Focus on content to drive qualified traffic and improve your online visibility

Do not think content only matters for blogs. It is also crucial for e-commerce websites. In top of being a key ranking factor for platforms as such, it provides capital information to potential customers which is going to help them convert.

We provide you with clear instructions to create and optimize your product pages, category pages, but also tutorials, buying guides and more. This type of strategies focuses both on SEO and UX. The goal is to offer content which matches your potential clients’ search intents.

Ideally, this type of strategies must use semantic analysis in order to identify key topics and sub-topics which will need to be addressed throughout your website. Those analysis can also be based on your different personas.


Track your success and improve your e-commerce website's performances

If you are not tracking your marketing efforts’ impacts, you won’t be able to know (precisely) where to spend your money wisely. You also won’t be able to know what are the campaigns which worked the best, the ones with the best potential and the ones which should be stopped in the future, The same goes for your website’s content. Finally, it will be difficult to improve its conversion rate.

This is why it is capital to plan ahead and gather in advance all the data you need. To do so, you need to track all the valuable interactions and actions coming from your website’s users. All starts with the definition of your key performance indicators (KPIs) which will allow you to track the evolution of your performances. For an e-commerce website, the revenue, the transactions, the average order value, the ROAS, the ROI and the conversion rate are going to be your basic KPIs. Others can be added, including extra e-commerce conversions.

For your e-commerce website, you will probably want to setup the basic or enhanced e-commerce tracking offered by Google Analytics. Our tracking plans also feature micro-conversions, such as newsletters subscription, in order to track all the types of KPIs which are going to be useful for your promotional campaigns. Those documents are very pragmatic and aim at providing clear guidelines on how to track each metric. They can be used by all your teams, including your developers. We take the lead from A to Z using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

We also help you analyze your data and create automated reports which help you follow your performances in one look. We favor free tools which are well connected with the solutions used by our clients – Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Data Studio, most of the time. Our data analysis also aim at providing you with guidance on how to invest in your digital marketing.


Get the best results out of your advertising efforts

Google Analytics is not the only place where data is key. Because you need to optimize your e-commerce campaigns, it is paramount that your website uses all the pixels required for each advertising platform you are using, and that they’re properly setup in order to track your different objectives.

All those tracking elements are integrated in our general tracking plan and use your KPIs. The e-commerce metrics are, for instance, key.

We help you decide which are the key pixels and tags for your marketing activities. Our work often leads to their setup and testing. We also assist you with their use.


Get more sales and visibility with paying efforts

Even though organic traffic is often key for e-commerce success, it must be supported by advertising. Your rankings will never be strong enough to avoid using SEA (Search Engine Advertising), at least because ads are extremely visible in a search engine results page (SERP) and they allow competitors to buy visibility. Moreover, SEA supports SEO. When combined, these two specialties allow you to truly dominate SERPs.

The other platforms will also help you get more visibility and target more audiences. Facebook is great to get impulse buys. Pinterest is very interesting for branding and developing your notoriety.

We help you integrate PPC efforts in your global strategies and combine SEO, newsletters and the other marketing channels for a maximum of impact.


Increase Your Revenues During Big Sales

Black Friday and Boxing Day are some really big sales in Canada. But there are some universally celebrated campaigns that e-commerce marketers must prepare for: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. 

Do these campaigns sound like logistical nightmares for you? They must be prepared months in advance, entail some deep promo planning, margins have to be considered, free shipping has to be discussed and then comes promotion time on top of it all! Want some help with this? Maybe we should talk.


Custom Tailored E-Commerce Strategies

Your ability to offer promotions, products and messages which perfectly match your customers’ needs and expectations is the true foundation of your e-commerce campaigns success. With this logic in mind, the choices of audiences is key, since it will define to whom you are promoting your products. Advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads are very powerful for this matter.

To follow this marketing conception, personas are also very interesting. We help you build them, based on your knowledge of your industry, using segmentation as a mean to maximize your messages impact. We also help you using them with keywords and content strategies, but also tailored advertising campaigns.


Leverage Your Entire Product Catalog For Online Ads

Small platforms can afford to use simple products feeds, manually generated and updated. But, nowadays, e-commerce websites with more than a hundred products should have automated feeds. The bottom line is that you need to have product feeds which allow you to setup efficient Google Shopping and Facebook carousel (using your products catalogs) campaigns.

Feeds allow you to push your products, with all the latest information such as price, promos, availability and sizes, directly into Google or Facebook. This coupled with dynamic retargeting makes for a great shopping experience for customers browsing the web.

We help you choose the best solutions for your needs (plugins, feed types, etc.) and structure your product feeds and strategy to use them effectively (which platforms, product categories, audiences, etc.).


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