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First thing I get often asked is: “what is your email?”

Myriam@pragm dot CO – it’s not .com but .co as it’s the official company domain extension.

The second thing I often get asked : “can you provide us with a bio or a blurb?”

Yes I can! Let me provide you with a heavy dose of digital marketing that Google will love. And by that I mean a neat and concise biography.

Myriam Jessier is Google certified for Google Analytics, Google Ads: Search, Display, Shopping, YouTube and a few more. With 15+ years of experience, she is now a certified digital marketing trainer in Quebec, Canada.

If you need to add a little personality to this blurb: “She loves being silly.”

If you came here looking for pictures

I often decide to share pictures on Unsplash because I think most data science and web marketing visuals tend to be super boring. It’s always some white guy in a suit pointing at an invisible screen or writing something on a board. Or we have random stats without any context along with bits of code.

If you have any idea on what else should be up there on Unsplash, let me know and I’ll try to make it happen 🙂

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