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SEO TestingSEO: the basics, the bullshit & the future
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Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO

Amazon is more important than ever. Two years ago, the company surpassed Google in product search volume – if you can get your product near the top of Amazon’s search pages, you’re in luck. Unfortunately, too many sellers try to adopt their Google SEO knowledge to Amazon (hint: it doesn’t work). Amazon SEO just isn’t […]...
SEO: the basics, the bullshit & the future
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Image SEO : Everything We Learned Along the Way

What’s 5 times bigger than Youtube, 10 times bigger than Yahoo / Bing / Amazon and 15 times bigger than Facebook? Google Images! Google Images is a real Web heavyweight. And yet, most people neglect this awesome opportunity for some serious visibility. With growing voice and visual search, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that we’re in […]...
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How to Get Your First Job in SEO

Back when I started, there were no courses in digital marketing, no internships and definitely nothing like professional certifications available. I am going to do my best to share some insights and tips to help those of you looking to get into SEO. Expertise is weird. You get started and by the time you make […]...
Rédaction WebSEO: the basics, the bullshit & the future
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SEO-Friendly Technical Documentation

Hi, Search Engine Optimization Expert here! I like messing with algorithms that rank content according to arcane criterias. Why? Well, because I am great at this sort of things. So much so that I made it my job. I’m a freelance SEO expert based in Montreal. Writing With the Intent to Make Your Content Easily […]...