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SEO TestingSEO: the basics, the bullshit & the future
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Amazon SEO vs. Google SEO

Amazon is more important than ever. Two years ago, the company surpassed Google in product search volume – if you can get your product near the top of Amazon’s search pages, you’re in luck. Unfortunately, too many sellers try to adopt their Google SEO knowledge to Amazon (hint: it doesn’t work). Amazon SEO just isn’t […]...
SEO: the basics, the bullshit & the future
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Image SEO : Everything We Learned Along the Way

What’s 5 times bigger than Youtube, 10 times bigger than Yahoo / Bing / Amazon and 15 times bigger than Facebook? Google Images! Google Images is a real Web heavyweight. And yet, most people neglect this awesome opportunity for some serious visibility. With growing voice and visual search, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that we’re in […]...