PRAGM: 2 SEO Experts in Montreal

A Dynamic Duo and a Dachshund!


Two Montreal Freelance Marketing Specialists and Their Weiner Dog

Hi! We are the marketers that write code and debug it. We are the folks that get excited when they hear about Google Analytics data. We are so into keywords, traffic statistics and load time performance reports that we know where Excel ends. Yes, we reached the end of Excel.


We Really Should Work Together If...

We have 3 big scenarios where we think you’d benefit from working with us. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to fit in any of the 3 boxes below to get in touch. It’s simply to help you figure out if we are the right fit for you.

If you are an e-commerce website or have a very unusual technical problem tanking your marketing efforts, Augustin’s your expert!

If you are a startup, a blogger or a business owner in need of search engine optimization or analytics advice, get in touch with Myriam.

But...what if you are neither or simply want some training or solid advice? Well, get in touch with us, tell us your story and we may just come as a combo!


So, How Do We Work?

Since we operate as a small agency staffed exclusively by two senior freelancers, we tend offer specific technical marketing services to clients around the world. Here are some of our core assets as SEO consultants living in beautiful Montreal :

User-Centered Technical Marketing

We make sure to deliver insights and clear instructions at all times. If it’s not actionable for our clients, it doesn’t leave our office.

Google Certified

We are both Google certified online marketing experts. We are certified in Google Analytics, Google Ads : Search, Display, Shopping and Youtube.

A Very Specific Set of Skills

Between us, we have a very specific set of skills ranging from Magento e-commerce optimizations all the way to Baidu search engine optimization for the Chinese market. We love challenges so give us a try!

Making Sure We Are the Right Fit

We select clients based on a variety of factors (having the biggest brand or budget aren’t factors for us) to ensure that we are the right fit.


Here's How It All Started


June 1997

First Website

Myriam builds her first website. She is old enough to know the bip of a 56K modem. She also figured out how to find content online and how to get her little website to pop up in Copernic (that’s before Google existed).

October 2006

First Meeting

Myriam and Augustin meet during their studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris. After that first meeting, Myriam brokered a deal with their English teacher to allow her to NOT show up to class for 6 months…

March 2007

First Collaboration

The Sorbonne’s administration caught on to Myriam’s English class scheme. She was forced to attend English class at the Sorbonne once again. Augustin and Myriam started working on homework together.

June 2012

French Canada S'il Vous Plaît

Myriam and Augustin move to Montreal, Canada. Paris was romantic but they needed more snow. A lot more snow. Maybe too much snow now that they think about it. When the snow gets to be too much, they fly off to travel the world.

December 2018

Company Established

After years in development centers and web agencies, Myriam and Augustin co-found this company on December 27th because they wanted to get an early start on their New Year’s resolutions for 2019

03 2020

Training & Courses Launched

After a few years of offering our training services exclusively to clients, we decided to launch a wide range of online courses including Google Analytics

Can't Wait to Improve Your Online Marketing?

We love working with our clients on the next step to improve their online marketing. Less PowerPoints and more action!


Meet your future web marketing team

Augustin and Myriam have been collaborating for more than a decade. They launched PRAGM on December 27th 2018. The registration office was empty on that day so they gave it a go! 15 minutes later, they were the proud co-founders of a company.

Myriam Jessier