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We can help you set up Google Analytics on your website or fix your tracking issues.

A Boutique Digital Marketing Agency in Montreal

We are dynamic duo of freelancers specialized in online marketing based in lovely Montreal. We specialize in SEO, Google Ads and Google Analytics. We each have more than 10 years of experience in our field. Both of us are Google Analytics and Google Ads certified. If you are curious to know more about us, feel free to head on to our About Page. 

Marketing With Your Constraints is our Bottom Line

Code and statistics are part of our technical skillset. It sets us apart from most Montreal agencies. This means that we can structure web marketing strategies that take into account the tech stack and technical constraints of each company. It also means that we know how to onboard developers to help us create things beyond Google Analytics tracking and optimizing load times to make things faster. All of this with one objective in mind: our strategies have to make you money.

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That's as far as we will go in terms of call-to-action. Get in touch with us if you need help, want to ask a question or simply want to share puppy pictures.

We Offer a Different Type of Marketing


We don't have a sales team. So, as far as we are concerned, since we are the sales team, we'll give you our best personal red carpet treatment.

We help clients with different types of digital marketing needs. Our work involves a lot of data. We are always careful with the data we collect and handle. This means that we will never share your data unless you specifically agree to allow us to do so. If this sounds like the type of approach you want from your digital marketing agency, we should talk!

Take Care of Your Online Marketing


Organic traffic is usually the website biggest traffic source. The issue is that your rankings are based on more than 200 signals and factors which require a lot of work and attention. This is why it is key to remain pro-active, you should never think the game is won. Plan your SEO strategy with us!

Google Ads

Your SEO is not optimal? Your competitors are dominating Google’s search result pages with ads? You want to gain visibility for some strategic keywords? Google Ads is the tool for you. We help you planning, starting, optimizing and maintaining your SEA efforts on the long run.

E-commerce marketing

We specialize in e-commerce. This means that we know the how Google Analytics e-commerce tracking like the back of our hands and will optimize your website to increase your revenues.

Need Some Proof That Our Approach Works?

We are very thankful that our clients sing our praises publicly. You can check our Google My Business page for that. Thank goodness, some of our clients also agreed to let us tell others about the results of our marketing strategies. Here are some cases studies that you can consult to see our work.

We Have Some Opinions

Need some *FREE* solid technical marketing advice? Check out some of our articles, guides and tutorials. We write about SEO, Google Analytics, online ad campaigns and a lot more.