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Looking for Freelance SEO, PPC or Analytics in Montreal?

Maybe you’ve seen a dip in organic traffic to your website. Maybe you’re facing a tighter budget or pressure to increase revenue quickly. From SEO to PPC, without forgetting product feeds, CRO and UX, we provide you all the services you need.


Optimize Your Web Marketing


Get more qualified organic traffic for each of your personas. From keywords strategies to technical optimizations, we got you covered. Know more about our SEO services.


Get your data straight and more over, be able to analyze it and exploit it to optimize your marketing efforts. We help you to make your business data driven!

If want to grow your business, you really need to go above and beyond the bare minimum with your SEO work to edge out the competition. Leverage more advanced best practices to increase your rankings, attract more customers and beat the competition. We help build product feeds tailored for Google Shopping and Facebook.


Every channel serves a different purpose. Google Ads, Google Ad Grants and YouTube are paid channels we leverage to achieve your marketing objectives.


Optimizing for local traffic can give you an edge, particularly among customers that specifically seek to support local companies or those looking for services near them. For those shipping products, local shipping costs may be less than shipping your goods halfway across the country.


We train you and your teams to empower you with the use of data and to lead your SEO efforts efficiently. From developers to marketers, we give you the knowledge to grow your online visibility.


Discover how we helped some of Our clients to grow their business

We helped companies from Canada, the US and Europe to improve their online visibility and get more leads / sales with SEO, SEA, CRO, UX and Analytics.

Discover a few cases studies which illustrate the type of missions we work on every day.


Get to know our team

If you prefer working with experienced freelancers, we’re a good fit for you! We currently operate as a tandem on big projects and work as solo SEO artistes (experts) on our own for smaller SEO projects. After more than a decade together, we still cannot manage to take a picture without having one of us make a funny face!