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We use search engines every day to find the content spread all across the internet. Google is now a verb, a noun, a company and a stock on Wall Street. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” a term related to making a website or webpage more “search engine friendly.” And it's about way more than simply “being #1 on Google”.
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How to Get Your First Job in SEO

Back when I started, there were no courses in digital marketing, no internships and definitely nothing like professional certifications available. I am going to do my best to share some insights and tips to help those of you looking to get into SEO. Expertise is weird. You get started and by the time you make […]...
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Making Your Documentation SEO-Friendly

How Am I Qualified to Talk About This? I like messing with algorithms that rank content according to arcane criterias. Why? Well, because I am great at this sort of things. So much so that I made it my job. I’m a freelance SEO expert based in Montreal. Writing With the Intent to Make Your […]...